Matt Horne CPA

Matt Horne - Crystalline Tall-Pointed Vase
Matt Horne - Crystalline Teardrop Vase
Matt Horne - Crystalline Two-Bellied Vase
Matt Horne - Large Red & Blue Crystalline Vase
Matt Horne is recognised as one of the UK's leading potters specialising in crystalline glazes. He has dedicated his prctice to this most challenging of techniques since he began potting in 2009, having acquired his skills largely through self-teaching and an apprenticeship with an established pottery.

Matt's pots are hand-thrown in porcelain - one of the more difficult clays to throw, particularly for larger pots. His strength is both colour and form which combine to produce the most exquisite art objects, each of which is entirely unique.

Matt is an elected Member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA) and The Sussex Guild. He exhibits his work throughout the UK, including Ceramic Art London, and was given a prestigeous solo show at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London, in 2016.