Shaun Brosnan MRSS

Shaun Brosnan - 'Dreamer on Stone'
Shaun Brosnan - 'Lip Fragment on Stone'
Shaun Brosnan - 'Profile Mounted on Stone'
Shaun Brosnan - 'Sleepy Head on Stone'
Shaun Brosnan produces distinctive sculptural reliefs from beaten sheet lead. Each piece is entirely unique reflecting the properties and qualities of the chosen lead, which Shaun uses to help determine the size and overall feel of each sculpture.

He uses old and new lead to create different effects and aims to be true to the material by incorporating any holes and defects which occur naturally in the lead.

Shaun's work is primarily figurative, inspired by ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. It can be wall hung, free-standing or sited outisde in a variety of ways.

Shaun studied Fine Art at University of Northumberland (1979 - 1981). He has undertaken a number of public commissions and exhibited widely throught the UK, Europe and internationally. He is a Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (MRBS).