Janie Townshend

Janie Townshend - 'Connection'
Janie Townshend - 'Oloid IV' (2)
Janie Townshend - 'Open & Closed'
Janie Townshend - 'Perforated'
Janie Townshend carves contemporary plywood sculptures influenced by natural forms and her background in engineering.

Her work often exploits fine layers of Birch plywood to accentuate flowing forms, whilst laminated Beech veneer and steam-bent Ash enable larger sculptures to be made.

Janie's sculptures grow from experimental paper forms and cardboard sketches. These are then developed into full-size models or formers to enable the plywood to be carved or laminated veneers to be laid up. Wood carving and bending processes are used as they support the instinctive and empirical way in which she works.

In 2014 Janie attended the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis, Hampshire, to develop her skills and to enable her to produce larger sculptures suitable for outdoor exhibition.

Janie Townshend studied Art & Design at Harlow College (1999) and then Colchester School of Art (BA Hons, 3D Art & Design - 2002). She is an active member of the Hive Studios in Chelmsford. Prior to becoming an artist she undertook an MEng in Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton.