Jo Arnold Solo Exhibition 2020 1 August to 26 September 2020

Jo Arnold Solo Exhibition 2020 - Split Figure I
Jo Arnold Solo Exhibition 2020 - All Her Worldly Goods
Jo Arnold Solo Exhibition 2020 - Any Food Any Feeding
Jo Arnold Solo Exhibition 2020 - Shelter II
1 Aug - 26 Sept. It could hardly be more appropriate that this exhibition of unique, stoneware sculptures by Norfolk artist, Jo Arnold is inspired by abandoned buildings which carry the traces of lives lost or changed by natural disasters, war and social change.

Jo's upright 'figures', with their shells reflecting the body-memory of discarded garments, feature multi-level rooms and chambers which reveal hidden secrets and hint at former lives.

Her ceramic surfaces are treated with slips, oxides and minimal glazing, and she often incorporates found materials into the finished sculptures. The resulting sculpture carries a raw beauty which is rich in texture and meaning.

Prices from £150 - £850. Selected works may be purchased directly from the online Artstore. All other work featured in the exhibition may be purchased over the telephone or direct from the gallery.

The exhibition is open on Saturdays 11:00-16:00. Other times and days by arrangement. For your protection, numbers in the gallery are restricted to 6 people, and visitors are kindly requested to wear a face mask and to hand-sanitise, before entering.

For all enquiries, please contact Debra on 07980768616.