NOW SHOWING 1 May to 3 July 2021

NOW SHOWING - Black & White Flattened Raku Pot (17)
NOW SHOWING - Black & White Raku Pot (16)
NOW SHOWING - Black & White Round Raku Pot (15)
NOW SHOWING - Tall Black & White Raku Flattened Pot (19)
We are currently showing a selection of sculpture and studio ceramics by new and regular gallery artists including: Alan Ball; Maurice Blik; John Brown; Tim Cork; Gus Farnes; Moira Goodall; Ian Knowles; Lucy Lutyens; Antonia Salmon; Richard Wilson, and others, representing a diverse range of styles and materials. As with all three dimensional work, it is best appreciated in the flesh, when you can assess weight, texture and 360 degree views. Browsers are always welcome.