Re-Opening Exhibition- March 2023 4 March to 15 April 2023

Re-Opening Exhibition- March 2023 - 'Cresting'
Re-Opening Exhibition- March 2023 - 'Cresting' (front view)
Re-Opening Exhibition- March 2023 - 'Great Lengths'
Re-Opening Exhibition- March 2023 - 'Take a Leap'
We have 18 fresh and eclectic new artworks for you to feast your eyes on from Saturday 4th March, when we commence our 2023 programme of exhibitions. We are also delighted to welcome two London-based artists: Miranda Barber and Graham High MRSS, who are exhibiting for the first time with Sculpt Gallery.


Maurice Blik: 'Some Front' (2023), monumental bronze torso.
Miranda Barber: A series of female torsos, bronze and ceramic.
Tim Corke: 'Journey in Time' (2023), bath stone unique, h:150cm, inspired by water erosion.
Gus Farnes: Two painted bronzes from his ground-breaking new figurative body of work: Social Structures.
Tobias Ford: Completed just days ahead of the opening, two new figurative, welded sculptures.
Graham High MRSS: 'Cradle' (2022), bronze, biomorphic sculpture.
Ian Knowles: 'Internal Beauty' (2022), mixed media, unique.
Lucy Lutyens: 'Tranquility' (2022), bronze.
Richard Shaw: 'A Day at The Beach' (2021), and 'Springtime' (2022), abstract modernist-inspired uniques, painted mixed metals; and
Bill Low: Mid-century abstract modernist sculptures, wood and mixed media uniques.

Exhibition ends 15 April.
Selected works are available to purchase online from the Artstore, but we kindly request that (where possible) any purchases remain in the exhibition until the end of March.

GALLERY HOURS (March to December 2023):
Saturdays 11:00 - 16:00. Weekdays by arrangement.

For all enquiries please contact: or t: 07980768616.