The Abstract Figure: Maurice Blik & Gus Farnes 15 June to 6 July 2024

The Abstract Figure: Maurice Blik & Gus Farnes - 'Twist'
The Abstract Figure: Maurice Blik & Gus Farnes - 'Sway'
The Abstract Figure: Maurice Blik & Gus Farnes - 'Peer'
The Abstract Figure: Maurice Blik & Gus Farnes - 'Tug'
Explores exciting new abstract bronzes by the master of figurative sculpture, Maurice Blik PPRSS, and rising Suffolk sculptor, Gus Farnes.

Blik's human impressions exist in a universal context, portraying figures in transit through circular forms, challenging figurative perceptions, whilst Farnes' latest work re-imagines neolithic forms as timeless figures which rightfully claim their space.

Artists' Party & Private View: Saturday 15 June, 2-4pm.
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Maurice Blik (b. 1939) is an Anglo-Dutch artist whose figurative bronze sculpture is exhibited regularly in leading London gallery (Bowman Sculpture), and at major international art fairs, including Art Miami; Winter Antiques, New York, Art Basel; Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong; and Masterpiece, London.

Having spent the majority of his 40-year artistic career creating powerful figurative bronzes linked, subconsciously, to his childhood experience of Nazi persecution, Blik, now in his eighties, is creating innovative new works. His latest sculptures - best described as human impressions - portray abstract figures in transit through clearly defined circular forms. A metaphor perhaps for the way in which we journey through and interact with the world, and the wider universe. With this work, Blik suspends reality and challenges figurative perceptions, whilst demonstrating the playful side of his nature.

Modelling the majority of his originals in plaster, using a mind-bending self-developed method which Blik refers to as modelling 'inside out', he then embraces digital technology to introduce disks to his forms - in some cases splicing them vertically through figures, disrupting the space that his forms inhabit.

Blik's work is in public and private collections throughout the world. He is a Past President of the Royal Society of Sculptors (PPRSS).

Gus Farnes is a Suffolk sculptor whose work is informed by his interest in history, the natural world and identity. His latest work re-imagines prehistoric and neolithic monuments as timeless figures, which rightfully claim their space.

Digitally recording key prehistoric structures throughout the UK and Ireland, he then sculpts using digital and analogue processes to give rise to his collaged forms, thereby utilising the latest technology to bring these ancient-looking, abstract figures, into the modern world.

With this work, Farnes forges a deep connection with the land beneath our feet, and the remarkable achievements of our ancient ancestors, whose activity continues to inform the way we live and connect with the landscape today.

Farnes attended Norwich School of Art in 2000 (NUA), after being introduced at the age of 16 to the alchemy of bronze casting by renowned East Anglian sculptor, Laurence Edwards. After leaving Norwich in 2004, Gus joined Sotheby's as proposal designer, where he continued to learn about art and the art market. In 2016 he left London to pursue his practice as an artist, establishing a studio and foundry in Suffolk.

Farnes' sculptures can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and the United States. One of his monumental sculptures is currently on display in Exhibition Road, London, as part of the prestigious Kensington & Chelsea Public Art Trail, 2024.


Saturdays 11:00 - 16:00. Week days by arrangement. Or view online from 16 June.

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