Christmas Exhibition 2012 8 December 2012 to 6 January 2013

Barry Woodcraft

Nene (Hawaiian Goose) - endangered species


The Nene population fell to only 30 birds in 1951 suggesting a grim future for this charming goose. Thanks to Sir Peter Scott, this species was given a much needed lifeline and saved from extinction through the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust's conservation programme, resulting in the release back into the wild of the first Slimbridge-reared Nene in 1962. 50 years later, the Nene has become a WWT success story, but the future of the Nene is still not secure. A lack of suitable habitat, especially for rearing young, is the most important limiting factor, together with various predators.

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Christmas Exhibition 2012 - Nene (Hawaiian Goose) - endangered species