Christmas Exhibition 2012 8 December 2012 to 6 January 2013

Barry Woodcraft

Madagascar Pochard (endangered species)

The Madagascar Pochard is possibly the world's rarest bird. It is found at just one small lake in the north of Magagascar. A reconnaissance expedition in July 2009 found the situation was far more critical than previously feared, fewer than 20 birds were seen, and these included just six females.

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust is working in partnership with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, The Peregrine Fund and the Madagascar Government to save the species. Having taken emergency action in 2009 to establish a safety net population, the team is working on a major conservation project to save the species from imminent extinction and eventually to restore wetlands and reintroduce the species to it's former sites.

Bronze edition of 12

23 x 38 cms

Christmas Exhibition 2012 - Madagascar Pochard (endangered species)