'Captured' 2013 2 to 30 March 2013

John Doubleday

Nelson Mandela Sculpture

This bronze portrait of Nelson Mandela was modelled by the artist from live sittings with Nelson Mandela in 1996. The sittings took place in Johannesburg at Mr Mandela's home and the Presidential offices. The original sculpture was commissioned by the United World College of which Nelson Mandela was Honorary President.

The artist recalls, "At the time of the sittings Nelson Mandela wasn't long out of prison. His focus was on getting rid of apartheid and the present problems of the emerging nation. He had a chiefly manner that gave him a natural authority. What made him particularly impressive to me was his moral conviction which sustained him during his 27 years in prison.'

Edition of 9. Two available.

65 x 30 x 26 cms

Price: £7,500

'Captured' 2013 - Nelson Mandela Sculpture