Hilary Simms: 'Nautilus' 2013 18 May to 30 June 2013

Hilary Simms: 'Nautilus' 2013 - 'Coral Swirl'
Hilary Simms: 'Nautilus' 2013 - 'Coral Nautilus Trio'
Hilary Simms: 'Nautilus' 2013 - 'Eye of Nautilus'
Hilary Simms: 'Nautilus' 2013 - 'Sea Breeze'

Sculpt Gallery is proud to host the first solo exhibition of raku-fired ceramics by Hilary Simms. This will be an important opportunity to view and buy the artist's latest firings.

Raku means "enjoyment, comfort or ease" and the technique was created in Japan in the 16th century, originally used for decorating tea bowls. It is the unpredicatable nature of Raku that gives Hilary's sculptures their unique beauty and sense of calm. She is able to define lines to enchance movement in the forms but all other marks are made by chance by the Raku process. This creates natural, organic looking surfaces which complement her shell-like forms and lend a timeless quality.

Private View/Artist's Reception: Saturday 18 May, from 2.30 - 4.30pm. The exhibition will also be open each Saturday in June from 12.00 - 4.30pm, and by appointment. Works are priced from £75 to £1200. Catalogue available on request.

Foreword by Brendan Hesmondhalgh

I first met Hilary in 2008. Having seen her work I thought she had natural ability and was obviously very passionate about making ceramics.

I invited her to take a mentored space at the Sculpture Lounge Studios - a leading sculpture academy and education centre in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Here she would be able to produce a cohesive body of work, improve her presentation skills and confidence.

She has achieved a massive foothold in the contemporary ceramics sector in a very short space of time. Her most recent Nautilus collection demonstrates a maturity and confidence in the firing and making techniques which she has mastered over the past few years. This exhibition includes one of her largest ever Nautilus works to make it through the firing process; 'Ocean Spray', which conjures up images of frothing, turbulent seas. She has also produced some remarkable linear surface effects and perfected new colours, such as coral and purple.

Hilary's sculptural forms continue to evolve alongside these surface elements. In addition to her classic 'Nautilus' shape which retains strong appeal, she has developed a wonderfully diverse range of organic, nautical-inspired forms.

Hilary is constantly striving for perfection in her ceramic sculpture and demonstrates a professional discipline and motivation that will allow her work to continue to develop.

Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Sculptor
Founder and Tutor, The Sculpture Lounge, West Yorkshire