Jude Jelfs Fellow CPA

Jude Jelfs - 'Beau Ideal' (Ex-large: h 44 cm)
Jude Jelfs - 'Demeter'
Jude Jelfs - 'Hebe'
Jude Jelfs - 'Hera'
Jude Jelfs is a ceramicist, painter and sculptor, best known for her curvaceous figurative jugs and abstract bronze sculptures which celebrate the female form and often start with the life-drawing process.

Her ceramic vessels and sculptural forms are slab built in porcelain and appear almost flat. They are decorated with vitreous slips and sketch-like lines, which convey in a few simple strokes the voluptuous, fleshiness of 'real women'. With more than a nod to the work of Picasso, her bronze sculptures reflect similar themes but also play with contrasting textures; highly polished and waxed, and patinated with soft verdigris hues.

Jude is a prominent Professional Member of the Craft Potter's Association and works from her Cotswold Pottery which she shares with her husband, John Jelfs, who is also a celebrated potter. She has exhibited her work widely throughout the UK.