Carol Pask

Carol Pask - 'Hawk I' (2022)
Carol Pask - 'Hawk II' (2022)
Carol Pask - 'Owl I' (2022)
Carol Pask - 'Owl II'
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Carol Pask creates sculptural ceramics in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, combining traditional methods to create unique pieces which are often fused with metal, wood or slate.

Carol studied Fine Art (specialising in sculpture) at Norwich University College of the Arts. Since graduating she has worked from her studio in Suffolk.

Her abstract works evolve from her response to the environment, reflecting shapes and patterns in nature. Most of her work is Raku or smoke-fired in pits to achieve a balance between the controlled structure of her creations and the chaos of the firing. This process not only leaves its mark in the clay body of her sculptures but often imparts a distinctive smoky fragrance which can linger for several weeks after the pieces have been fired.