Barry Stedman CPA

Barry Stedman - 'Tree Shadows Early Summer'
Barry Stedman - 'Tree Shadows' Medium Pot
Barry Stedman - 'Tree Shadows' Small Pot
Barry Stedman - 'Vessel with Yellow'
Barry Stedman's painterly ceramics are derived from his love of drawing and painting out in the field. He is inspired by the changing patterns of light, weather, the seasons, and colours in nature.

His pots are made from red earthenware clay, thrown and altered, then painted with coloured slips and stains, treating the clay almost as a canvas. The result is vessels that are fluent and lively, with spontaneous marks and gestures.

Barry works from his studio in Bedfordshire and exhibits extensively throught the UK, including at Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, and the Contemporary Craft Centre Gallery, London. He is a well respected Professional Member of the Craft Potters Association.

Since 2009 Barry Stedman has been a part-time studio assistant at Edmund De Waal's studio, London.