Tim Corke

Tim Corke - 'Ariel'
Tim Corke - 'Awaiting'
Tim Corke - 'Continuum'
Tim Corke - 'Fauld'
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Local artist, Tim Corke, creates unique stone carvings. He enjoys the spontaneity of abstract forms and his sculptures are a reflection of the creative energy which he puts into them.

Tim uses a variety of natural stone, but favours blue and brown alabaster, with its translucent qualities, which he often uses to enhance his forms in a way that epitomises Henry Moore's philosophy of "Truth to Materials". His skill is in bringing out the best of each piece of stone and giving it a unique identity by making critical decisions about how to work it, what to remove and what to add.

Tim undertook an MA in Art & Design at Writtle College, Essex and prior to that he studied for a BSc in Landscape and Garden Design.

Solo Exhibition: Sculpt Gallery 27 Oct - 18 Nov 2017.