David Millidge

David Millidge - Blue Angel
David Millidge - Earth Angel
David Millidge - Kneeling Egyptian Angel
David Millidge - Metallic Angel I
David Millidge produces fantastical ceramic sculptures and installations using a combination of slip-cast and thrown forms. He is very experimental with layering glazes and wax-resist techniques, although many of his effects are created solely with coloured clays.

His eclectic mix of influences range from science and artificial intelligence, to African culture and ancient civilisations.

David studied sculpture (BA) at St Martins' School of Art, London, 1969 - 1972 (the year of 'The Locked Room').

For many years David concentrated on raising a family and building his own business.
After returning to the art world he studied ceramics with a new unbridled passion for creativity. His ambition and dedication are now driving him to create significant works, each one unique.