Katharina Klug CPA

Katharina Klug - Friends Vase
Katharina Klug - Ladies Vase
Katharina Klug - Oval bottle-flask
Katharina Klug - Straight Jug
Katharina Klug creates timeless, monochrome porcelain vessels for contemporary interiors. Her ceramics epitomise simplicity in design and shape and are inspired by ancient Korean
pottery as well as the environment around her. She finds 'lines jumping out of almost anything - from stripes on cloth, wires and cables, plants and grasses, to architecture and streets.

Each piece is individually thrown in porcelain on the potter's wheel and then decorated by hand with spontaneous linear strokes or graphic patterns using home-made wax crayons and a wax-resist technique.

Her 'signature' is black and white, creating movement and direction, but she often gives her pots a bright interior, making the work 'pop'.

Katharina grew up in her mother's pottery business and trained professionally in Austria and Germany for 6 years before setting up business in Cambridge in 2011. Since then she has achieved great recognitioin and several accolades. These include:

2018: Featured in the 289 issue of Ceramic Review (Masterclass)
2017: Honourable mention at the International Ceramics Festival, Japan
2017: Exhibited at Ceramic Art London
2017: Shortlisted for the International Nasser Sparkasse Ceramic Prize, Germany
2016: Elected to Member of the Craft Potters Association (CPA)
2014: Selected for the Crafts Councils 'Hot House Program'
2013 & 2015: Silver award for ceramic work by Craft and Design Magazine