Gus Farnes

Gus Farnes - 'Cloaked'
Gus Farnes - 'Companions II'
Gus Farnes - 'Companions'
Gus Farnes - 'Embrace I'
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Gus Farnes is a British artist working within a contemplative domain, fomented by ecology and the social milieu.

Melding traditional process and of-the-moment technology, Farnes sculpts using materials sampled from his local situation: remnants from a landscape, prehistoric monuments, organic matter and found objects are collated, giving rise to highly original figurative forms.

Gus cast his first bronze at the age of 16, which led him to Norwich School of Art in 2000. After leaving Norwich, he joined Sotheby's as a graphic artist. In 2016 Gus left Sotheby's and London to pursue his practice as a sculptor, establishing a studio and foundry located in Suffolk.

An alumnus of the Norwich School of Art & Design, Farnes' works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and the United States.

Debut Solo Exhibition Unequivocal - September 2018. Catalogue available on request.

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