Gus Farnes

Gus Farnes - 'Captive I'
Gus Farnes - 'Captive III'
Gus Farnes - 'Cloaked'
Gus Farnes - 'Companions'
Gus Farnes is a Suffolk sculptor who uses organic matter such as grass, leaves, flowers and reeds, bound together with wax, to sculpt his primitive, waif-like figures. These combustible materials allow him to cast his work directly into bronze, giving rise to a collection of mostly unique sculptures, which are both shaped by and constrained by their environment.

Gus attended Norwich School of Art in 2000 where he studied sculpture and was mentored by Chris Summerfield, who assisted Henry Moore at the Royal College of Art. After leaving Norwich in 2004, he joined Sotheby's as proposal designer, where he learned more about art and the art market.

In 2016 Gus left Sotheby's to pursue his practice as a sculptor, setting himself up in a studio/foundry formerly utilised by the renowned Suffolk sculptor, Laurence Edwards.

Debut Solo Exhibition: 'Unequivocal', Sculpt Gallery, September 2018. Catalogue available on request.

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