Patrick Elder

Patrick Elder - Amity Series (AM1)
Patrick Elder - Amity Series (AM11)
Patrick Elder - Amity Series (AM2)
Patrick Elder - Amity Series (AM20)
Patrick Elder's abstract sculptures are created through a process in which Vipassana meditation is central. Integrating the technique in to his life, allows him to quieten his mind to the deepest levels, so that his commonplace thoughts become separated from the creative process, allowing each sculpture to develop and unfold freely as he surrenders to the process.

Patrick studied furniture design and cabinet making at the London College of Furniture in the late 1970's, but at the same time, he was drawn to sculpture and eventually diversified into the art form, often using wood as the basis for creating his original models. His finished works are in made in a variety of media, including bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, stone and even sand.

Patrick was born in 1953, and lives and works in Suffolk, England. He has exhibited widely and has work in collections throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, the USA and Switzerland. He won The Royal Arts prize in February 2019, organised by the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery and La Galleria, Pall Mall, London.