Ian Knowles

Ian Knowles - 'Internal Beauty' (XL)
Ian Knowles - Bronze: 'Link'
Ian Knowles - Bronze: Figure I
Ian Knowles - Bronze: Reclining Figure
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Ian Knowles carves biomorphic sculptures using a variety of mixed media. His work is typically non-representational, formed slowly and intuitively out of a process of nestling pieces in his hands until they 'feel right'. They subsequently take on forms reminiscent of human figures or organic structures, rooted in the tradition of 1930/40s abstract British sculpture, such as the work of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

Materiality is critical to Knowles' work, and whether a gilded original or a limited-editon bronze, naturalistic aged finishes prevail. For Knowles, patination is an integral part of the creative process, allowing him to make critical decisions about the finish of each piece.

In addition to his practice as a sculptor, Knowles works as an acoustic consultant specialising in performing arts, broadcast and recording facilities. He has worked on many prestigious projects, including several for the BBC, Sir George Martin's AIR studios, studio HQs for Sky and leading national and international concert halls. He is a chartered physicist and a member of the Institute of Physics, an associate of the University of Surrey, and a fellow of the Institute of Acoustics.

You can see more work by Ian Knowles in a two-artist Biomorphic Exhibition with Graham High, from 29 April - 27 May 2023.