Ian Knowles

Ian Knowles - Bronze: 'Link'
Ian Knowles - Bronze: Figure I
Ian Knowles - Bronze: Flint Piece
Ian Knowles - Bronze: Flint Piece
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Ian Knowles is a sculptor who carves using a variety of materials. Some of his sculptures are unique, whilst others are cast as limited edition bronzes by the McKinney Fine Art foundry.

The creation of his zen-like forms is slow and intuitive, with shapes evoking water-smoothed rocks and organic structures. Patination is as much an integral part of the creative process for Knowles as producing the original forms. He therefore patinates each artwork himself, making critical decisions about the finish, which often includes gold leaf.
In addition to his practice as a sculptor, Knowles works as an acoustic consultant specialising in performing arts, broadcast and recording facilities. He has worked on many prestigious projects, including several for the BBC, Sir George Martin's AIR studios, studio HQs for Sky and leading national and international concert halls. He is a chartered physicist and a member of the Institute of Physics, an associate of the University of Surrey, and a fellow of the Institute of Acoustics.

Ian Knowles' work will debut at Sculpt Gallery in the Group Winter Exhibition 2020.