Jo Arnold

Jo Arnold - Lord Wearie's Castle
Jo Arnold - Place of Shelter
Jo Arnold - Triptych
Jo Arnold - Wanderer
Jo Arnold creates unique stoneware sculptures of significant scale. Her work is inspired by discarded garments, abandoned dwellings, and improvised shelters, which carry the traces of lives lost or changed by natural disasters, war and social change.

Her upright 'figures' maintain a serene dignity, with their shells reflecting the body-memory of well-worn outer garments which have been shaped and moulded through prolonged wear. Internally, multi-level rooms and chambers reveal hidden secrets and hint at former lives. Surfaces are treated with slips, oxides and minimal glazing, and Jo often incorporates wood, metal and other found materials into her finished pieces. The result is work that is rich in texture and meaning, but which carries with it a raw beauty.

Jo works from her studio in Norfolk. She will be exhibiting for the first time at Sculpt Gallery in the Summer Exhibition 2020. Full details to follow.