Moira Goodall

Moira Goodall - Small oval pot (247)
Moira Goodall - Small smoke-fired bowl (268)
Moira Goodall - Smoke-fired pot (212)
Moira Goodall - Smoke-fired pot (244)
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Moira Goodall creates individual, handmade contemporary vessels decorated with the ancient technique of smoke-firing. Her designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the Essex salt marshes and tidal coastline, and she has a particular interest in the way in which the sea and wind have a natural weathering effect on the landscape.

Each pot is hand-built, coloured with slips and the vessels then burnished to create a soft sheen. Marks and textures on the vessels are applied using found items from the beaches and marshes near her studio on the River Blackwater.

No glaze is used - after bisque firing and the application of masks, the vessels receive a secondary firing in sawdust. This ancient technique draws a wild and unpredictable factor into the process. Masking governs the extent to which areas of the pot's surface are affected by the fire, making every pot unique.

Moira has spent many years refining this technique, developing her own methods, and bringing a contemporary eye to a process which is as old as pottery itself. She has been a Selected Member of Anglian Potters since 2007, and has exhibited in galleries across Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Moira's work will be exhibited for the first time at Sculpt Gallery in the Group Winter Exhibition 2020.