Graham High

Graham High - 'Grasp'
Graham High - 'Inner Sanctum'
Graham High - 'Inner Sanctum' Maquette
Graham High - 'Nurture'
Graham High is an experienced, multi-disciplinary artist, whose most recent sculpture focuses on biomorphic forms: sculptures which are abstract in nature, but which invoke images of the human body.

He engages with a wide variety of media, but his latest sculptures - the most abstract his work has ever been - are mostly intended to be cast in bronze. They reflect a rediscovery of the sculptures he first created at Leeds University in the 1970's, and his re-kindled interest in artists such as Arp, Hepworth, Moore, Dalwood, and Brancusi, whose work exemplifies the biomorphic genre.

High is also interested in how production techniques contribute to the final image/form. His work is often the result of intuition and suggestion, and the use of inventive and organic methods, which leads to nature-based forms that emerge out of a kind of inner necessity and engagement with the creative process.

'Through abstract shapes, one can deal with abstract subjects: growth, birth, death, relationships, yearning, sensuality, and aspiration, for example. The forms that emerge appear to have no specific figurative references, but a closer examination reveals sculpture that is rich in suggestion and emotional resonances.'

High studied at Leeds University (BA in Fine Art). He worked as a model-maker/3D designer at the Natural History Museum for eight years, and has also gained a strong reputation as a wildlife and portrait sculptor. Alongside this, he has enjoyed a career in the film industry as an Animatronic Model Designer.

Over the course of his practice, High has had more than 40 solo exhibitions in the UK, as well as having been invited to stage major personal expositions in Spain, Russia and Latvia. He has been an elected member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors (MRSS) since 1994.

You can see more work by Graham High in a two-artist Biomorphic Exhibition with Ian Knowles, from 29 April - 27 May 2023.