Stuart Anderson

Stuart Anderson - Eutruscan Horse
Stuart Anderson - Horse Study (after Stubbs)
Stuart Anderson - Pacing Horse
Stuart Anderson - Rolling Greyhound
Stuart Anderson is known for his expressively modelled horses, greyhounds and figures, which are grounded in close observation.

His horse sculptures in particular, are modelled with with a looseness that explores the intrinsic dynamism and vitality of the subject. Whether based on direct observation or arising from mythological, historical or metaphysical sources, his sculptures are lucid, spirited and independent.

Stuart's originals are modelled in clay and then cast in bronze using the traditional lost wax method. He has exhibited widely throughout the UK, including at the Royal Academy Summer Show. He studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and then undertook a post graduate Diploma in Bronze Casting and Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London.

Stuart lives and works in Suffolk.