Miranda Barber

Miranda Barber - Torso I (brown patina)
Miranda Barber - Torso I (virdigris patina)
Miranda Barber - Torso II
Miranda Barber - Torso II - Ceramic A/C
Miranda Barber was born in the Bahamas and studied Interior Design at Chelsea College of Art in London, and sculpture and ceramics at Morley College, London. She now works from her studio in South London, where her sculpture is generally expressed in the female figurative form.

Her work is created in clay and then fired, or modelled in wax before being cast into bronze. Her torso fragments are a reflection of the imperfect human condition. She has also been profoundly and creatively motivated by motherhood and how it has uncovered a fierce and protective personal strength within her.

Miranda is a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society and ArtCan.