Kieta Jackson

Kieta Jackson - 'Anchora'
Kieta Jackson - 'Cacabulus I'
Kieta Jackson - 'Cacabulus II'
Kieta Jackson - 'Cornus'
Working primarily with wire and sheet metal, Kieta Jackson creates unique sculptures using her own technique of crocheting and hand-weaving fine gauge wire into a malleable' fabric', which she then manipulates into sculptural forms.

Her intuitive process of working, stitching together colours, textures and shapes inspired by archaeological finds, ceremonial costumes and headdresses, brings a sense of the past into the present. Her attraction to this way of working stems, Jackson says, from growing up in a house full of unusual objects, antiques and tribal artefacts, in which she finds mystery and hidden narratives open to interpretation by the viewer. She encourages her audience to invent their own stories and perceptions about her work, which she would like to be viewed as ancient artefacts or long-forgotten museum pieces.

After graduating with a BA (Hons) Degree from Norwich School of Art and Design in 1999, Jackson has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at The Barbican Centre, London (2000), gaining an Award of Distinction from the Baltic biennial of Miniature Weavers, Poland (2001). Her work has been published in Jac Scott's 'Textile perspective in Mixed Media Sculpture', 2003; Fibre Arts Magazine (2015); and in interviews with Peripheral ARTeries magazine (2017), and (2018).

Kieta Jackson is one of four female artists featured in 'Alternative Means' (22 July - 26 August 2023).